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 Play Iso Off of USB For 5.00m33-6

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PostSubject: Play Iso Off of USB For 5.00m33-6   Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:21 pm

Download it Here.......... (

What to Do:

Step 1: Extract the files to your Desktop

Step 2: Hook up you PSP via USB to you PC

Step 3: Copy and paste the "usbisoloader" and the "PSPLink" Folders to you Game5xx Folder

Step 4: Go into the "USBHOST_PCSERVER" Then into the "ISO" Folder Find the "cygwin1.dll" and paste it into the root of your PC's Hard drive. Mines HP_PAVILION(:C)

Step 5: Go off of you PC from the PSP Don't unhook you PSP from the PC Just exit USB mode

Step 6: Go to the game folder on you PSP(Where you usually see ISO games)

Step 7: Run the PSP link on your PSP.

Step 8: Re-install you PSP onto you PC while the PSP link is running

Step 9: you will have to turn your PSP Completely off after you installed it

Step 10: Turn you PSP back on and then while you USB is hooked up (not in USB mode)run "usbhostfs_pc.exe"(found in the USBHOST_PCSERVER folder) on you PC

Step 11: on you PSP run "usbisoloader"

Step 12: Select the game you want to play

How you Put ISO's into it is in the "ISO" Folder in the "USBHOST_PCSERVER" Folder
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Play Iso Off of USB For 5.00m33-6
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